International Jeet Kune Do und Kali Organization

The International Jeet Kune Do and Kali Organization (I.J.K.O.) was founded 2003 by Sifu/Guro Reza Shouraki with the intension to spread the philosophy of Bruce Lee's jeet kune do.
Although every kid knows the name Bruce Lee, nobody, except the confirmed fighters, knows about the idea of jeet kune (way of the intercepted fist) do.
Because of this, the I.J.K.O. offers workshops and trainings for people who want to free themselves of style-compulsions to learn tough-minded self defense in all distances.
Through the education of qualified martial-arts-fighters and teachers the I.J.K.O. is present in three country and there's a growing number of those, who train with the principles of jeet june do (take the useful, discard the useless and add your own part).

Sifu Guro Reza Shouraki

I was born in march 1964 in Babolsar (Iran) and i'm the instructor of the martial-arts-school Shouraki. At the age of three, i started to practice wrestling because in my country, the northern iran, nearly every youth on the street, in public parks or at the beach of the kaspian sea practiced it.

After the ricecrops they even organized fights between youths and adults of adjacent villages. My friends and relatives trained judo and ji-jitsu at this time. I used to train with them till they made the black belt.

Because i looked out for a new challenge, i started to practice taek-won-do till the fourth dan at the age of nine. I passed the trial for the first dan at the age of 14 and at the same time i started boxing, because in my opinion the fistfight-technics were better for streetfighting.

While i was member of the special forces of the iran military i've been trained in knife-battle and martial arts. After six month of in-service-education i was send to the war between iran and irak and this was the time, i learned a lot about war, life and death.

After the war i found my way to Germany. Here, i went on to practice taek-won-do and at the same time thai-kickboxing in the Netherlands. I learned to know wing chun and trained it for many years. To bring my technics to perfection, i additionally learned vt and jeet kune do.

I trained wing chun with several masters till i absolved the wooddollshape. Because of Bruce Lee making the technics of wing chun more simple and effective, i decided to train jeet kune do. jeet kune do is free of compulsions and because of that you can develop your own technics freely.