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Richardwer Sun, 07 Jul 2024 06:38:02 GMT +1

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Galina_hox Sat, 06 Jul 2024 20:50:02 GMT +1

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loli cp

==> biturl.top/qeAJJf rlys.nl/6epap3

LesecoLuT Wed, 03 Jul 2024 12:29:56 GMT +1

Всем привет, как думаете покупать ли онлайн казино? Думаю или будет с сайта доход? Продают его на главной странице этого сайта
как играть в казино на бонусные балы
Обучают работе с казино
Как думаете доход хоть какой то будет?

IronShadow0Sak Wed, 03 Jul 2024 01:58:38 GMT +1

The Balanset-1A device (hereinafter referred to as "the Device") is a portable kit designed for balancing rotors operating in their own bearings. This device allows for balancing in one or two planes, significantly increasing the service life of machines and mechanisms by reducing dynamic loads on bearing units. The kit includes two vibration sensors, a phase angle sensor, and a measuring unit.

Features and Applications

On-site balancing: The device enables the rotor to be balanced directly in its bearings, eliminating the need for special machines and mechanism disassembly. This simplifies the process and saves time.

Automated procedure: The entire balancing process, from measurement to the installation of corrective weights, is conducted automatically. The user does not need additional skills beyond what is provided in the instructions.

Data archiving: All balancing results are saved in the Balancing Archive and can be printed as protocols if needed.

Extra features: The Balanset-1A device can also be used as a standard vibrometer to measure the root mean square (RMS) value of total vibration, the RMS value of the rotational component of vibration, and the rotational speed of the rotor. Additionally, it displays vibration velocity time function and spectrum graphs, which can be useful for assessing the technical condition of the balanced machine.

Package Contents and Operating Principle

The standard package includes a measuring unit, two vibration sensors, a phase angle sensor, the necessary accessories, and a flash drive with software. The device operates based on the measurement of mechanical vibrations. Vibration sensors convert the vibrations into an electrical signal, which is then processed by the measuring unit and transferred to a computer for further processing and analysis.

Balancing Recommendations. Vibrometer mode

Machine condition: Balancing should only be performed on mechanisms that are in good technical condition and securely mounted on their foundations. It is not recommended to balance mechanisms with worn or damaged bearings.

Clean rotor: Before starting work, the rotor should be cleaned of any contaminants.

Resonance: If measurement results differ significantly from run to run, this may indicate resonance. In this case, the rotational speed should be changed or the installation conditions on the foundation should be altered.

Vibrometer mode measurements: Preliminary measurements in vibrometer mode are recommended. If the total vibration value matches the rotational component, the rotor imbalance is the main contributor to vibration, and balancing can proceed.

Checking static imbalance: For rotors with horizontal shafts, static imbalance can be checked manually by rotating the rotor 90 degrees. If imbalance is detected, a balancing weight should be installed.


Utilizing the Balanset-1A device enables effective and quick rotor balancing, enhancing their performance and extending their service life. This is a versatile solution for those involved in the maintenance and repair of rotating mechanisms.

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